Sunrise Over Puget Sound

I spent another morning watching the sunrise over Puget Sound. Below is a video with the accompanying morning bird song. There were a couple ships going up the Sound, so you can hear their low rumble also.

I also enjoyed watching some geese silhouetted against the light from the morning sun and the reflection of the suns rays off the water.

After this lovely experience, Regis went out to take pictures and I took a shower. We haven’t had sewer hookups for a couple days, so I have to be very careful with our water holding tanks. When taking a shower, I wet myself down and shut the water off before soaping up, then I rinse off to reduce the amount of gray water in the tank. This morning, after soaping up, the hot water heater cut off. The water coming out of the shower head could not have been colder without freezing. Oh my goodness was it cold to rinse off. By the time Regis returned, I was done and immediately told him it was time to sell the motorhome! I will no longer take a shower without him being available to fix this problem that has happened occasionally. It has only ever happened to me and it is always between the initial rinse and the soap up. It never happens while doing the dishes and it never happens to Regis. Go figure.

Northern flicker (red shafted). Colaptes auratus.

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