Pigeon Guillemots and Submarines

Pigeon Guillemot (Cepphus columba). Notice the red legs.

We have not been doing as much exploring as we usually do on our trips. If we venture somewhere that turns out to be too crowded, we turn back. Sitting still and enjoying the wildlife and scenery is just fine. I have no complaints. Over the weekend, I went to Fort Worden and it was crowded so I turned back. We went today and it was much less crowded, so we got to explore a little bit. We had great viewing opportunities of some pigeon guillemots. The science center at Fort Worden has some nest boxes for the guillemots and they regularly nest there. I love the red legs on these mostly black birds.

Pigeon guillemot.
Pigeon guillemot.

As we walked through the park to go to the headland where the lighthouse is located, we found some conifers with a bunch of chestnut-backed chickadees feeding in them. Those little birds move around very quickly and are often hidden by pine needles, so it was tough to get a picture.

Chestnut-backed chickadee (Poecile rufscens)

We walked out to the headland and sat on some driftwood and heard some weird noises coming across the water. We figured out that it was sea lions on the buoy out in the water.

At this point Dart was done, so Regis stayed with him at the headland while I walked back to the car and came back and retrieved them. It is hard to see Dart wear out so fast now when he drove us crazy with his energy when he was younger.

Back at our campsite at Point Hudson, a submarine came by. We have seen a couple submarines come through the Admiralty Inlet but this submarine was not going on the usual route. It was clearly docking nearby and we got a nice close look at it.

Submarine with lots of gulls hanging out on the back.

We leave here on Wednesday so tomorrow is our last full day here. I am saddened somewhat because I love the area but I am also ready to explore some other places.

Merlin says this is a California Gull. It is immature and I have trouble identifying immature birds, so I will take Merlin’s word for it.
Submarine with accompanying boat.

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