Bathing Gulls

Immature glaucous-winged (Larus glaucescens) gull bathing.

It is our last day here and I was hoping for some sun to get some action shots of some birds. It helps to have some light when you need a high shutter speed to capture the action. The day did not provide, so I made due with what was available.

I went back to the pigeon guillemots and thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to them. I’m glad we discovered a way to get closer to them at Fort Worden State Park.

Pigeon guillemot (Cepphus columba).

Dart went on a walk with me to an overlook to get this landscape view of the marina/RV park where we are staying. He was beat when we got back since we had to climb a steep hill for the shot.

Point Hudson Marina and RV Park.

This afternoon at low tide, I walked out on the spit and got some pictures of the gulls bathing.

Glaucous-winged gull bathing.
Glaucous-winged gull missing a foot.
Heermann’s gull (Larus heermanni).
Heerman’s gull preening.

It’s been in the low 60’s today. We know when we leave tomorrow we are heading into the heat. I think we are finally acclimating to the cooler temperatures, so it is going to be painful tomorrow when we start heading into the heat.

Gulls bathing.

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