Clark Fork River

As we continue our long trek home, we went from Washington State to our first stop in Alberton, Montana where we are camped on the Clark Fork River. The weather has been beautiful. We expected it to be hotter. It was in the high 70’s when we arrived and very nice while sitting outside but hot in the RV. After we went to bed, I had to put the air conditioning on in the bedroom to lower the temperature a couple degrees. Dart couldn’t stop panting. I got it to a comfortable temperature and then the rains came through and cool air came through the open windows. By morning, we had the heat on.

We drove to a nearby bighorn sheep viewing area this morning and did not see any sheep. It was a short drive and nice. On the way back, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things and headed back. I set out to do a couple loads of wash and Regis got some pictures of the surrounding area.

No one has been wearing masks at our campground which includes a restaurant and casino, so I was a little bummed to be the only one wearing a mask. We went into Frenchtown nearby to do some grocery shopping and folks were wearing masks. We continue to wear masks. We have no desire to get sick, much less while we are traveling.

Bridge over the Clark Fork River in Montana.
Morning view with some clouds at our campground in Alberton, Montana. Our campground is on the right and the road on the left is Interstate 90. We hate to camp next to interstates. Sometimes, it is what you have to do.
Clark Fork River in Montana. Notice the tree trunks perched on the granite islands in the middle of the stream.
Local black-billed magpie (Pica hudsonia). These birds are very wary and hard to photograph.

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