Yellowtail WMA

Muskrat in Yellowtail Wildlife Habitat Management Area.

Today we went to the Yellowtail Wildlife Habitat Management Area to look for birds. We had a map and neither of us could figure out where we were on the map. Unbelievable. We went to a couple ponds and found very few birds. At one point, we saw some vegetation moving across the pond and eventually realized it was being pushed by a muskrat. Very cute. We saw a whole bunch of turkeys and lots and lots of insects.

The area was established to create waterfowl habitat. It has one of the largest old growth cottonwood forests in the west. We may have been there at the wrong time of year since we didn’t see much. It’s also possible we were not in the right locations to view the birds for this time of year. We clearly need a better map.

Early evening, we drove back up into the Bighorn Mountains to look for wildlife. We didn’t see much. It may not have been late enough in the day. We saw lots of cattle and sheep. We got the following picture from one of the overlooks. It looks out over the Bighorn Basin. It was very, very hazy.

Bighorn basin where you can see the fold in the earth’s crust.

On the way back, we got this picture of Sheep Mountain. Sheep Mountain is an anticline which is an upward fold in the earth’s crust. It was created during the Laramide mountain building event 70 to 50 million years ago.

Sheep Mountain near Greybull, Wyoming.

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