Petroglyphs and Pictographs

Rock face at Medicine Lodge Archaeological Site.

We went to the Medicine Lodge Archaeological Site near Hyattville, Wyoming. It is a protected location with ready access to water that has more than 10,000 years of human history. There is a campground located on the site, so people are still camping there. There is a rock face with petroglyphs and pictographs. They were difficult to see, so it was helpful that there was a guide and interpretive signs pointing them out.

Rock face at Medicine Lodge Archaeological Site.
Rock face at Medicine Lodge Archaeological Site.

There were cliff swallows with active nests in the rock face, so Regis and I spent some time photographing and watching the swallows feed their young.

Cliff swallow (Petrochelidon pyrrhonota) nestling being fed by a parent.
The top cliff swallow nestling is hogging the entrance hole so the other nestling tried poking its head through another hole.
Cliff swallow nestlings and parents.

It was an incredibly beautiful day and we were a short distance from arriving at the site, when we were stopped by a cattle drive. There were cattle all over the road and folks on horses, off-road vehicles, and dogs were rounding up some of the strays and trying to get the group moving down the road. There were always a few cows that wanted to go in the wrong direction. After they got most of them out of the pasture and moving down the road to the next location, we spotted about 5 calves hoofing it down the road the wrong way. We had to stop and wait a while before we could proceed. It was very entertaining, never having seen something like it before. The following brief video not only shows the group of cows but you can hear the sounds they were making.

We are staying in Greybull and there is a train yard in town. When Regis was checking it out, he saw a sign that read “ATTENTION Remote Control Locomotives Operate In This Area. Cabs May Be Unoccupied.” He left his name and number incase of an opening.

Sign in Greybull, Wyoming.
Cliff swallow nestlings and parents.

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