Wyoming Landscape

View of Wyoming from where we stopped for lunch. There are snow capped mountains on the horizon.

We have crossed Wyoming several times in our travels including: Sheridan to Cheyenne, Cody to Casper, and now Greybull to Rawlins. Wyoming is desolate. We see barbed wire fences and cows. On our Cody to Casper run a couple years ago we saw lots and lots of pronghorns. Today, we didn’t see many pronghorns. I am beginning to have a craving for green. I love Wyoming, so I am not whining. But, it is stark and barren through much of the state and I’m looking forward to moving on to Colorado. We have one more day here in Wyoming.

We drove through the Wind River Canyon on the way down and stopped at some picnic tables for a break. Regis and I took pictures of the barn swallows nesting in the shade coverings for the picnic tables. While doing so, Regis saw that the fisherman in the nearby stream caught a fish. The gentleman was happy to pose for a picture with his catch. I love the smile on his face. It looks like a nice trout and it would be better to have that for dinner than what’s on our menu.

Happy fisherman.
Barn swallow (Hirundo rustica) on its nest.

At one point driving through some high country, we stopped at the top for lunch. The transition from pavement to the dirt road to the overlook was not smooth and it rocked the motorhome more than usual. Every drawer popped open. The microwave popped open. Everything on the counters wound up on the floor except the cappuccino maker which fortunately landed on the sink. Hopefully, that means it still works. All removable pieces of the cappuccino maker wound up spread throughout the motorhome. Any water that was still in the cappuccino maker wound up all over the floor. There was more water than expected on the floor, so we are not quite sure why.

When we stopped for lunch, I turned on the generator so I could use the microwave to heat up lunch. That worked okay, but shortly after the generator stopped. Regis spent time trying to figure out what was wrong based on the error code. He got it working again, but thinks we might need a filter. It may be possible to pick that up in Rawlins.

I am desperate for better maps and should have been smart enough to order them ahead of time. I drove to the BLM office in Rawlins to see if I could get some good maps of Wyoming and Colorado. They were closed to public access. I wound up at Walmart and got some pretty decent maps, but not as detailed as I would like. Lesson learned. It’s possible to order great maps ahead of time and I failed to do that. I hope to do better for future trips.

Barn swallow on its nest.

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