Home 2020

We finished our cross country adventure after driving 7,018 miles. We arrived at a hot and humid St. Augustine. As soon as we got home, we started emptying the RV. It was very hot in the RV but cool in the house. Dart chose to stay in the RV during the entire process. He did not do that on our previous 4 cross country trips. He always stays in the cool house watching us sweat as we unload.

He appeared a little agitated all evening and again the next day. He tracked our every move and would not relax. Yesterday afternoon, I sat on the couch to read a couple chapters in a book and invited him up. By then, he was so exhausted, he fell sound asleep and didn’t wake up when I went outside to wash the car. He was still sound asleep when I finished.

The evening we arrived home, the air conditioner broke. I feel sorry for Dart because he has so much hair. Someone is coming to look at the air conditioner on Monday.

I think its going to take at least a week to get everything put back where it belongs in the house. At our final stops on the trip, Regis started to put together a long list of upgrades to the motorhome in preparation for future trips. We particularly enjoyed this trip. We were considering trying to sell the motorhome again when we returned and the market is good for that right now. But, we have too many future trips planned, so we will keep it and I will start planning the next trip.

We will continue posting.

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