Post trip

It’s been about a week now since we got home. We have spent a good part of that time putting large piles of “stuff” away in their proper place. I guess it’s a good time to start some trip summary blogs, looking back, maybe listing pros and cons of the places we stayed and some topics that just didn’t make it into a post.

Some of the off season projects I am contemplating  are replacing the LP fridge. and removing the LP cooktop. Many new RVs come with a residential Fridge and induction cook top. We have been using induction cooking for about 2.5 years. We even blogged about here two years ago. We love cooking with induction. All of our cooking in the RV is done using the HestanCue Smart cookware.

Ready for Eggs and bacon #cookedoncue

There are two main reasons Linda and I love  the Cue. One, the ease of cooking the recipes. With the Cue you don’t have to guess what medium high heat is. The Cue well control the heat for you. You don’t have to guess about the time either. Fish is my hardest cooking challenge. I always undercook the first side. The Cue won’t let me do that!

The second reason is heat in the RV. The Cue does not generate excess heat. It will not heat up the RV. All the energy goes into the cookware, not the open air. Only the cookware gets hot, not the air around it. I think their website has a full description. I just can’t do it justice here. We have had both “burners” going at the same time and the inside of the RV didn’t get any hotter!

Also, we can use our pressure cooker on the Cue.  If you can stick a magnet to the pan you can use it on the Cue in manual mode. It’s portable. It’s literally the size of a fry pan. I can take it outside the RV and cook on the table or fire pit. This is very helpful for messy dishes like Pub Burgers, Fried chicken tenders or what we just had Friday night, Honey chipotle wings.  All favorites.

#cookedoncue outside

We use the Cue in the house as well. We started using the Cue in the house and then thought it would make a great addition to the RV. It works great for us in both places. We rarely cook on anything else.

Full disclosure: Since Linda and I have been using the Cue almost every day for three years, Hestan has asked me to share my thoughts about the products. I get credit for referrals and sales, hence all the links in the text to the web site. I find this product to be of value both in my home life and RV life so I am happy to share the info with you.

Eggs and Bacon in the RV #cookedoncue

If you are interested in the product and want more info, please use any of the links on this page or click HERE. 

They are having a 25% off summer sale now. If you missed the sale let me know I may be able to help!

If you have any question please comment to the post or email directly at

If the people we met in Silt, Colorado are reading… Sorry I screwed up the info I gave you. Contact me and I can update it.

Linda here: For those who may be interested in an update on Dart, our dog, he is doing better since we returned. Since he was exhibiting his worst symptoms in Colorado (lethargy and lack of appetite), Regis thinks the elevation may have exacerbated his problem. I took him to the vet shortly after we returned home and they conducted numerous tests. The good news is that he is physically ok. But, the vet says he is too young to behave they way he has been, so she thinks he may be having some cognitive problems. We are now feeding him a special diet for those types of issues and we will see whether he improves.

Dart waiting for fuel at the station

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