Month: November 2020


We went for a walk on the Palencia Boardwalk the other day and posted some pictures we took of the least sandpipers in our last post. We also saw dunlins which are also considered peeps. Peeps are little brown sandpipers. Dunlins are a little… Continue Reading “Dunlins”

Least Sandpipers

Yesterday, we went to the Palencia Boardwalk to see the wildlife. This is a boardwalk in our community that is about 3/4 of a mile long over the salt marsh and some islands in the salt marsh. There are a variety of habitats, therefore… Continue Reading “Least Sandpipers”

More Pollinators

I’ve been enjoying taking pictures of the pollinators on the plants in my garden. It’s easy to spot butterflies and bumblebees in the garden and see some of their details with the naked eye. I find it hard to get a good look at… Continue Reading “More Pollinators”


We recently installed a garden in our backyard with mostly native plants. Over the last week, I’ve been trying to capture some photos of the pollinators visiting the flowers. I recently volunteered at the GTM Reserve for butterfly monitoring, so I am particularly intrigued… Continue Reading “Pollinators”

North American Nature Photographers Association

I am excited that my image above was selected as part of the top 250 images in the North American Nature Photographers (NANPA) 2021 Showcase. The NANPA Showcase includes six categories: scapes, birds, mammals, macro/micro/all other wildlife, altered reality, and conservation. NANPA recently released… Continue Reading “North American Nature Photographers Association”

A Few Local Pictures

I want to share a couple pictures from some local walks around the neighborhood.

Mute Swans in Florida

I regularly look at the eBird alerts to see what rare birds are showing up in my area. There had been several postings of the last few days about mute swans. Instead of doing my daily water aerobics today, I went to the spot… Continue Reading “Mute Swans in Florida”