North American Nature Photographers Association

Graceful Arctic Tern.

I am excited that my image above was selected as part of the top 250 images in the North American Nature Photographers (NANPA) 2021 Showcase. The NANPA Showcase includes six categories: scapes, birds, mammals, macro/micro/all other wildlife, altered reality, and conservation. NANPA recently released most of the images which can be viewed here. The remaining images will be released next month. The images are stunning and worth a look.

If you are a nature photographer, I recommend joining NANPA. They are advocates for photographers rights and ethics in nature photography. They have many membership benefits including education opportunities and member discounts. For more information go to

3 Comments on “North American Nature Photographers Association

  1. Congratulations! Amazing photo. How did you manage to take this picture? Annie and James (from France)


    • Thank you. I was on a photography tour in Alaska with Lisa Langell LLC and one of our first stops was a wildlife refuge in Anchorage where the Arctic terns were nesting. The nests were in the grasses, so we couldn’t see them. The parents were flying back and forth bringing food to the nest. We stayed about two hours giving us time to anticipate the birds behavior. This bird had just left the nest and was heading back out for more fish. Often, the birds would dip their bills in the water after dropping off the food but I never got one of those pictures that was completely in focus. I need to go back and try again!


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