Squeak Can Fly

The largest killdeer, Squeak, can fly nicely. Pip, the smallest killdeer, needs to catch up. Pip has always been smaller. About five days ago, I started giving Pip some medication to help its digestive system to ensure it was retaining more nutrients. There has been a big difference in Pip over the last few days.

Pip on January 12.
Pip on January 16.

These are the chicks when we first got them.

Pip and Squeak on December 30.
Pip and Squeak on January 16. Squeak is the one in the front. Pip is catching up.

One Comment on “Squeak Can Fly

  1. WAY TO GO PIP! Pip,Squeak!…..SO proud of you!…it won’t be long now,Mama Linda and Papa Regis…before they fly the coop! 💖 GOOD JOB!💖



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