Pip Died Last Night


Yesterday, we noticed that Pip (our smallest killdeer) looked a little scruffy. We weighed the little killdeer and it lost 5 grams in two days. I gave it the same medication I gave earlier to help the bird beef up. It was not enough and we found Pip dead this morning while Squeak was very active running around and trying to get out. Squeak has been doing that anyway, but the bird was particularly noisy about it this morning. I think Squeak was ready to go a couple days ago but I was waiting for Pip to catch up with it so I could release them together. We gave Squeak the opportunity to leave on its own and it immediately took a straight shot through the open door. We have good habitat nearby but wanted to give the bird the opportunity to hang close by if it needed a few more days in a familiar place. It did not take long for Squeak to fly away. There was no hanging around.

When Regis went to get the mail which is a couple blocks from our house, a killdeer flew in front of him. Regis got some pictures. We know its Squeak. The tip of the tail is still a little “fuzzy” as it is on juvenile killdeers. I saw the bird on top of the neighbors house around 4:30 as I was unloading the kayak from the car after being gone all day.

Squeak hanging out down the street from our house which is across the street from a pond.

The door to the lanai is open in case the bird wants to return and there are lots of mealworms on the back patio. We will keep putting them out until we run out. The bluebirds, wrens, etc. will be happy to eat Squeak’s mealworms also.

I had plans to go kayaking today with my friend Paige. I was so bummed this morning about Pip dying and so soon after Sandy died, I almost canceled. I am glad I went. She and I both enjoyed a lovely day on Pellicer Creek. It was an easy and lazy kayak run. I enjoyed a beautiful day with a good friend out in nature and it improved our spirits. When we pulled out for lunch, Paige noticed a variety of animal footprints on the shore. It was an animal superhighway judging by the number of prints. Pictures of some of the prints are below. Paige believes the large print in the first photo is a bobcat. The third photo shows raccoon prints. We saw an alligator on our return trip. Paige has lived here all her life and been on this creek many times and that is the first time she saw an alligator in it.

Dart got a nifty new bed today. Dart inherited a good bed from the collies and it appears to be his favorite. That bed is in the living area. He has a small bed in our bedroom. This was the bed that I had to toss the stuffing because Dart vomited on it so many times during our camping trip this year. I purchased him a new bed from a pet store in the nearest town to our campground but Dart would not sleep on that bed. Regis took the stuffing out of the new bed and crammed it into the covering for the old bed and Dart found that acceptable and will sleep on it. There was a third bed that I have in my office. It was an inexpensive bed I purchased for the collies. Dart no longer likes the bed. He regularly tried to rearrange it and when it wouldn’t cooperate, he would sleep on the floor. I think Orvis makes some of the best dog beds, so I ordered him a new bed for my office. The bed has an orthopedic cushion to help support him with his arthritis and joint problems and it has a feature that allows it to remain cool. Being Florida, that will come in handy. When it gets too hot, Dart moves to the tile floor to sleep which is likely not good for his bones and joints now that he is having issues. It was the most expensive dog bed I ever purchased and I was afraid that he would stick his nose up at it. He likes it! That’s him laying on his new bed while I type this post.

Dart in his fancy new dog bed.

4 Comments on “Pip Died Last Night

  1. Linda, these are great beds. Orvis dog products are the best and worth the money. Our last two senior labs had these beds and were well worth it. Hope you are well.



    • The Orvis bed Dart inherited from the collies is at least 15 years old. It has an orthopedic cushion and a water resistant lining. I purchased a new cover for it somewhere along the way. It is still in great shape. I agree with you the beds are worth it. When I purchased the first small bed for Dart, I made the mistake of not getting the water resistant lining. You comment reminds me that I can probably get a replacement cushion for his small bed. I hope you are doing well.


  2. Oh so sorry about little Pip! Glad to see Dart is still with you. Enjoy your travels!


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