Wren in the Bedroom

Squeak in the road yesterday. The bird is now hanging out on our walkway and driveway. I find it interesting that it prefers the manmade sidewalks and driveways instead of the lawns. Perhaps it hates St. Augustine grass as much as we and Dart do.

Today, Regis found a Carolina Wren in our bedroom. We opened one of the windows and easily got it out. When the weather is nice, we often leave the lanai door ajar so Dart can go in and out as he pleases. As a result, we sometimes have wildlife IN our house. We once had a snake and now this wren.

Squeak, our recently released killdeer chick, is hanging around our house. The bird has upgraded from hanging out in the gutters to hanging out on the driveways and sidewalk. It only occasionally eats the mealworms we offer. I hope that is a sign it is finding enough food on its own. It is probably sick to death of eating mealworms anyway. That is all it ate for the first month of its life. This morning, I heard killdeer making sounds over the marsh behind our house. I think Squeak needs about another week on its own before it is comfortable enough to venture further and explore the world and perhaps join up with these other killdeer. I know for sure it spends a lot of time on our walkway because there is a lot of bird poop on it.

I went to one of our ponds to get some video of the Hooded Mergansers. I was trying out Regis’ Tamron 150-600 which I love, but need more practice to get the settings right. The video shows you the behavior of the mergansers but National Geographic will not be contacting me for a copy.

One Comment on “Wren in the Bedroom

  1. The other killdear are calling you Squeak!…..they want you to come out and play!



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