Wren in the Garage

I suppose the wrens are looking for nesting opportunities. I found one in the garage. The other day, one was in the bedroom. Yegads!

We have not seen Squeak for two days. I have heard killdeers in the marsh for a couple days. I hope that Squeak decided it did not need us anymore and joined the other killdeers. I have no reason to believe otherwise. The bird could fly well and find its own food. That is a recipe for success.

It has warmed up here, so we put Pippen (the red-bellied woodpecker) on the lanai yesterday but brought him in for the night since he plucked his body feathers out. I put him back on the lanai this morning and he seems to thrive out there. Regis harassed the bird to catch it so we could get a good look at its feathers. They are coming in on his body and his flight and tail feathers are also coming in. Karen, from the Ark, told us a week ago he might have enough flight feathers to release in two weeks. Currently, that is one week from today. That may be possible. The bird still looks terrible, but we need to get him out as soon as he can fly because being caged is not conducive to his mental well being.

I took some video of him. He likes to hide his bark butter bits in his log. I learned that he will eat more mealworms/crickets if I put them higher in his cage instead of leaving them on the floor of the cage. He looks terrible in this video because he feathers are in terrible shape, but know that he is improving. The banging noise you hear in the background is me removing the carpet strips from one of the rooms. We are replacing the carpet with a vinyl floor that looks like wood and is water resistant.

We have multiple projects going on at the same time and one of them is mulching the gardens. I have 12 cubic yards of mulch to distribute and take it a bit each day. While mulching today, I looked up and saw a young raccoon a few feet away. It did not care that I was busy mulching. It had found the peanuts I left out for the squirrels and was too busy to care. Later, Dart realized the raccoon was there and chased it. It ran up the nearest tree and stayed there for a long time. Eventually, it returned to see what was available and found some dried mealworms I had put on the ground.

Later in the day, we saw another male red-belled woodpecker hanging around the lanai. It perched on the screen and began pecking. It is interested in Pippen. The problem is that interest may lead to a hole in our screen. Argh! We have another week or so of dealing with this drama.

I took Dart to a specialist on Monday and he determined that Dart likely has chronic osteoarthritis/immune mediated polyarthropathy. Basically, he has a bad case of arthritis. The vet recommended a treatment which we are trying, but I am currently suspect that the treatment is worse than the disease. We will give it a try, but we may wind up accepting that it is what it is. I have severe osteoarthritis and have to alter my activities to live with the pain. I think we will have to learn how to do the same with Dart. I am grateful to know it is not something more serious.

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