Regis vs Pippen

Moonrise over the salt marsh.

I think the red-bellied woodpecker we are rescuing is driving Regis crazy. The bird plucked all its body feathers and the temperature dipped, so I brought the bird inside. Its feathers are starting to come back, but they are not long enough to keep the bird warm. The bird has been trying desperately to escape its cage and makes a lot of noise all day long in the process of trying. Dart and I have learned to live with it. Regis tries to sneak up on the bird. There is no sneaking up on the bird. It has a 6th sense and if you even think about looking at it, it knows. I challenge anyone to try to get one over on this bird. Its not happening. Regis tries to spook the bird by sneaking up behind its log, but it knows. It always knows. It is getting used to us and does not hide when we go about our daily business. If we go to the cage, it hides. It knows the difference. As long as Regis is interacting with the bird, it is not bored and plucking its feathers.

With the bird inside, the red-bellied woodpecker outside is not hanging out and clinging to the screen on the lanai. I have been concerned the outside woodpecker will poke a hole in the screen. If that happens, Regis will not be so generous about saving birds. The outside woodpecker was drumming on the gutter yesterday but has not been doing it today. When we can release Pippen, he needs to be prepared to fend for himself. He looks terrible right now with his feathers in bad shape, but there is improvement. He gets a lot of exercise in spite of being in the cage. He almost never stops jumping around in the cage during the day. I went to take pictures of the moonrise tonight and when I came home the bird was missing. Regis said he is exhausted from all his activity and sleeping in his log.

About the moonrise. Twelve times a year, during the full moon, the moon rises at the same time the sun sets. This can be a time to get spectacular colors during a moonrise. For the full moon last month, the clouds came in late afternoon and covered the sky. For a variety of reasons, including the weather, I often miss the opportunity. Tonight, there were no clouds and I took pictures of the moonrise.

The colors were not spectacular, but being on the marsh as the sun set and the moon rose was amazing. I saw several deer crossing the marsh after the sun set. On my way back, I saw an owl flying. I always feel that whether I get good pictures or not, the experience is what is most important.

Sunset over the salt marsh. There are a few deer in the marsh in this picture, but the long exposure “ghosts” them out. You can barely see a couple of them.

Dart has been doing well on his medication. He was driving me crazy all day. You know Dart is feeling ok when he drives you crazy.

3 Comments on “Regis vs Pippen

  1. I’ll bet that bird will be happy to leave that cage, poor fella. So glad Dart is feeling better! Be glad you live where you do — Sunday we’re supposed to get snow all day!


    • I love the snow when it is fresh as long as I don’t have to drive in it. I miss it sometimes. I hope the little woodpecker can leave soon. At least he is getting exercise jumping around the cage.


  2. I LOVED that moon! SO much more mesmerizing for you and Regis over the boardwalk though,I am sure! And I was able to see the deer! VERY beautiful!😌


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