Night Owls

Great-horned owlet.

We were temporarily caring for some great-horned owlets until they could be taken to Beaks Wildlife Sanctuary. I was hoping to get some video of their activity, but they huddled together and slept all day. We let them spend their days on the lanai and brought them in at night for their safety. As the sun set, their activity picked up and they began to roam around the lanai and perch together. I do not have the equipment to take video in the dark.

I was able to get some video after I fed them yesterday morning. I put them on the lanai after feeding them and they stood around before walking off to their little corner where they huddled for the day. They tolerated Dart and us well, until we entered their zone. When that happened, they put their head down, fluffed up their feathers and clacked their beak. At one point In the video below, you can see Dart’s nose in the right side of the picture. He entered the zone of the owl on the left and the owl reacted. When they first arrived, I think Dart believed this was a play gesture. Dogs put their head down and their butt up when they want to play. It took a day for Dart to figure out they weren’t going to play with him.

I successfully transported them to Beaks this morning. They are in good hands, although I will miss them. But, I won’t miss feeding them rats and mice.

The owlet on the left is watching Dart while the owlet on the right is watching me.
Close-up of the pointed nails on a great-horned owlet.
The foot of a great-horned owlet. They are dangerous. Experiencing them up close gives me a greater appreciation of why great-horned owls are a formidable predator.

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