Mosquitos at Sunrise

Regis and I went to the Palencia boardwalk at the Palencia salt marsh yesterday morning to capture sunrise pictures. The mosquitos were out in full force. Regis sprayed his Off all over himself and I sprayed Skin so Soft all over me. It kept them at bay, but did not get rid of them entirely. The most frustrating thing was listening to them buzz in my ear. I was concerned one would fly in and take up residence. With the oil all over me, it got on the camera and binoculars and everything had to be cleaned when I got home. But, the sunrise was beautiful and we were fortunate to be there.

One Comment on “Mosquitos at Sunrise

  1. Beautiful. It is too bad about the mosquitoes.

    I reminds me on how concerned I was about getting a bunch of sand in the binocular’s eye piece threads. Then I remembered they were supposed to be waterproof. So I flushed them with water and bingo, the sand was gone.

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