Still Alive

These baby bluebirds are struggling to live and making progress. Their eyes look much better today.

The little bluebirds are still alive. I got three baby bluebirds that were barely alive yesterday and was concerned they would not make it through the day. I was certain at least one of them would have perished during the night. All three of them pulled through. They were still very weak this morning but have been getting stronger throughout the day. Their eyes look better. Nevertheless, they are still weak and it may take a couple more days before they behave the way they should for their age. They are still difficult to feed but have been participating more with each feeding.

I put the bluebirds and grackles in the open area of the lanai so they could stretch their wings and sit on real branches. They did very well together. They often sat together on the same branch. One of the grackles was hopeful that the bluebirds would feed it.

Grackle looking for the bluebirds to feed it.
The six older birds that should be ready for release soon. The bluebirds are more ready than the grackles. It is cute to watch them snuggle together.

3 Comments on “Still Alive

  1. Wow that is so much fun to see them together.   Glad you may be here through the summer. Looking forward to normal events again

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  2. What a GREAT nurse you are ,Linda!…..SO CUTE!….and SO glad they are progressing!



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