Bird Release

Today I released the four older bluebirds and the two grackles. It took a while for the bluebirds to leave the cage, but once they did they all left. I sat in the backyard a few times during the day and saw at least 7 baby bluebirds out back and two adults. We have a some bluebird parents that recently fledged some birds and they are almost the same age as our bluebirds. The adults did not bother the babies so all was well. Whew! I could not tell our bluebirds from the wild ones but all seemed well with the world.

Later in the day, I did not feel comfortable that the grackles were ready for release so I gathered them up and brought them back to their cage. It was good for them to get some time outside exploring the world so it is all good.

I kept the lanai door open and later in the day one bluebird flew back in. I grabbed it and placed it in a cage and went outside and easily got two more. Regis was able to get the fourth bluebird. They are spending the night safely with us and I will let them out again tomorrow to explore their world.

The youngest bluebirds that I got that were near death a few days ago have come back to life today. I had to move them to a cage because they are exploring and perching. Unfortunately, they are still hard to feed but I hope that changes soon. I hate to force feed them. I am thrilled to see them jumping around and exploring their surroundings. Wahoo!

Dart continues to intermittently eat. I don’t know what is going on. If he is still not eating regularly by Monday, I will get some blood work done to see if that tells us what is going on. This precious dog is so important to me that I will do everything I can to help him.

Regis’s mom is improving well. Yay! We look forward to her joining us at home at the end of the month. I think she will enjoy sitting on our patio and enjoying the natural world in good weather.

After I put the birds to bed last night, I got a glass of wine or two and well after 9:00 I got an emergency call about an owl that had been hit by a car near to us. Since I had some wine, Regis drove while we retrieved the bird. The hope was that it was slightly concussed and could be released the next day. If so, we would hold it overnight and let it go. Sadly, it had major injuries and we transported it to the emergency vet. We do not know the outcome at this point.

I got my drone last Wednesday and have it ready to go. Tomorrow looks good for a test run. I’m very excited to see what kind of photos I can get. I can’t fly it in high winds and that happens often here. We shall see. It is crazy that I am more stressed about flying this drone the first time than the first time I flew an airplane by myself. I was sixteen when I flew the plane and may not have been smart enough to be more concerned.

2 Comments on “Bird Release

  1. SO wonderful, Linda! Maybe Mama Burek will be a bird rescuer like you, Dart and Regis! I am sure that will help with her recovery! Good thoughts and prayers for Dart and Mama Burek!

    You are the “Mother Teresa” of all birds! 😇

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  2. Awww, so glad they’re finally out in the world now. Live free, baby blues!


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