Bluebirds, Grackles, and the RV

I released the older bluebirds the other day and they spent the last two nights with us. They come back regularly to be fed. About mid-day today, they stopped coming back as often and when they did, they would not come close. They would sit on the gutter and beg for food. Since I can’t fly, they are out of luck. I have a variety of foods available to them if they are having trouble on their own. Tonight, at least two of the bluebirds came to the back of the house but did not come to the cage or in the lanai to spend the night. Since I see them out there, I know they are okay and I am glad they do not need me anymore.

The beginning of the video shows that the little bluebirds that almost died are doing well and the second part of the video shows that the released bluebirds come back to the cage to eat mealworms.

Yesterday, one of the released bluebirds showed up for some food with something sticking out of its mouth. Fortunately, we were able to grab it and see that it had attempted to eat some stringy vegetation that got wrapped up in its insides. Even more fortunately, Regis was able to pull it out without a problem. I never realized how much difficulty young birds have figuring out what is edible and what is not.

I let the grackles out all day today and they hung close by. I left the cage on the patio and occasionally one or both would sit in it for a while. There were some mealworms in the cage and at one point I saw an adult grackle enter the cage with one of my young grackles and eat a few mealworms and leave. Tonight I brought the grackles in. At some point, they will feel more comfortable and not want to hang around us.

The younger bluebirds that were near death when I got them are a difficult bunch of birds to handle. They still need to be force fed. I feed them a formula that has all the nutrition they need to get going but it can be a mess if the bird does not participate in the feeding. Since these birds do not make it easy to feed them, they have formula on them. I wipe it off after every feeding, but they look terrible. I hope they turn around soon so I can work on getting them cleaned up. They turned out to be a much bigger struggle than I expected but I am grateful they are still with us and I will put up with them being royal pains.

The motorhome is for sale at North Trail RV and they posted some pictures. We have had awesome experiences in it. If you want to do the same, hop on down to Fort Myers and buy it! Click here.

I got my incredible Mavic 2 Pro drone last Wednesday and life has been too crazy to even open the box until recently. I pulled it out and charged the batteries and attempted to fly it yesterday. What a mess. It was very difficult to get things going and I had to remove the otter case from my phone so it could be inserted in the controller. I drop my phone regularly, so I am certain I will have to buy a new phone soon. Ouch. It took so long to get it connected and the firmware updated that I had to go back and feed the little bluebirds and Regis was able to take it for its first flight. When I came back, I took it for a flight and apparently did not have the settings correct on the camera. Following is a link to my maiden flight. All I did was have it go up and take pictures. But, it was doing video and not pictures so nothing worked the way I had planned and it is over exposed. If the weather is good I will try again tomorrow. Today got a way from me with the 9 birds I’m trying to handle and my poor dog who is still not himself.

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