Grackles Won’t Leave

Grackles perched underneath our bird bath.

I think the grackles will be with us forever. They like it here. I put them outside and they hang around very near the lanai and patio. I left the lanai door open and the slider open today while doing my projects in the house. I heard a crow making lots of noise on the patio and went out to see what was going on. I leave lots of food for the bluebirds and grackles so it is not surprising other animals show up to take advantage of the buffet. The crow left when I showed up and shortly after that the grackles moved onto the lanai and are not interested in leaving. I later saw a raccoon on the patio and Dart would not get engaged to solve the problem. By the time he got interested, the raccoon was almost gone. I think the grackles like their situation and are like those teenagers who won’t leave home.

The older bluebirds continue to visit. They usually do not like me approaching them now but a few times they let me feed them some crickets. I pulled out my camera and got a couple images today.

The young bluebirds continue to grow up, but two of them still require me to force feed them. I was excited to get one of them to eat a couple crickets today and eat formula without having to pry open its beak. Perhaps the other two will be easier to feed within a couple days. They are exhausting. Because they will not eat easily, I feed them less food more often.

One Comment on “Grackles Won’t Leave

  1. Hmm I dont think I would leave either. They have it made. Love the baby blues. They are so cute with their spots.


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