Bird Updates

I recently released the bluebirds that were near death when they arrived. They hated to be force fed and were quick to eat mealworms by themselves. I gave them the opportunity to leave by placing the cage outside with the door open and they did. The last one took two hours to leave the cage. We have not seen them since. I know that I did everything I could do for them and mother nature has to take it from here.

The original four bluebirds I released continue to visit. For the first several days after release, three of them came regularly for crickets and let me feed them. The fourth one did not always show up with the other three but visited often enough that I knew it was doing well. Following is a video of three of the bluebirds taking crickets from me.

They continue to visit and eat mealworms and crickets but will no longer sit on my shoulder or let me hand feed them. For a few days, I felt like Snow White because the bluebirds landed on me.

The grackles continue to arrive for food handouts. They hang out very close to the house and still let me hand feed them. They come to the patio and call for me when they want to be fed. When Regis or I walk out the back door, they fly to us. They know our every move.

I got the drone up a few times to take pictures. I was hoping to get the moonrise last night but the clouds over the ocean did not cooperate.

The Tolomato River (intracoastal waterway).

2 Comments on “Bird Updates

  1. I try to send a comment as I always have but it won’t accept my email address and password….Weird!. ….I didn’t want you to think I was enjoying your precious posts! Good luck with Mama Burek,Linda!….being a human caregiver is much harder than with wildlife creatures! Thoughts and prayers to and for you,dear!πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’–πŸ˜˜



  2. Aww bless your heart with these lovely bluebirds!! How I envy you. Such a wonderful sound. You do such a wonderful thing.


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