Crab in the Living Room

Squareback marsh crab (Armases cinereum)

Regis found this marsh crab in our living room yesterday. At first he thought it was a leaf until he realized it had legs. It was difficult to catch. It is small and fast and immediately went under the couch. When Regis moved the couch, the crabbed moved with it. We have a dog that sheds a lot and that hair accumulates under the couch. The crab was hindered by the dog hair. I pulled as much stuff off him as I could before releasing him back into the marsh. We can not figure out how he got into the house. The doors have been shut because it is too hot to leave them open. He could have hitched a ride on Dart. We have had a snake, birds, frogs, anoles, and now a crab in the house.

3 Comments on “Crab in the Living Room

  1. That is scary ….knowing all your animal friends can get in anytime they want!…..The word has gotten out that you are the animal whisperer and your house is a safe haven for all God’s creatures, great and small! It is an animal ” must see” attraction in St. Augustine!




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