Blue-gray Gnatcatchers

A blue-gray gnatcatcher feeding its nestlings.

Yesterday, I discovered a nest of blue-gray gnatcatchers. I have been hearing the squeaky sounds of blue-gray gnatcatchers a lot lately but they are hard to see. They are tiny birds that flit among the leafy branches looking for insects. I saw an adult in a tree next to the sidewalk and it stayed close and I got a few pictures. After a few seconds, I saw it fly to a nest in the same tree. I was able to determine there are four babies in the small nest. The nest is not much bigger than a hummingbird nest and looks similar.

A blue-gray gnatcatcher checking me out. Notice the placement of the eyes.
A blue-gray gnatcatcher feeding a moth to its nestlings.
A blue-gray gnatcatcher with an insect in its beak.

I went back again this morning and got some video. The babies look like they may be leaving the nest soon.

2 Comments on “Blue-gray Gnatcatchers

  1. Fun to see your work, and this little family. Thanks for chatting with me.


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