Port Townsend

Deer in downtown Port Townsend.

Last Monday, Regis and I had a 6:40 a.m. flight out of Jacksonville to Denver and then on to Seattle. The flight was delayed until 2:34 p.m. The airline gave us $20 in food vouchers and we took advantage of it to get a late breakfast. Southwest Airlines ultimately gave us $600 in travel vouchers for future flights, so it lessened the pain of the delay. They were delightful and efficient in handling the situation. I got pretty good at Sudoku by the end of the day.

We stayed overnight with our son, his partner, and their 14 year old Bedlington Terrier in Seattle and then headed to Port Townsend for a couple nights. The weather was beautiful for a ferry crossing on Puget Sound.

Seattle from the ferry.

We stayed at the Waterstreet Hotel which is old and has no air conditioning or elevator. Lugging the camera gear and our suitcase to our third floor room was exhausting. The air was cool at night, so we had no trouble sleeping with the windows open. The seagulls began their raucous calls every morning before sunrise which woke us up in time to head out for sunrise pictures.

On the first morning, we got lovely views of of the colorful clouds over the Olympic Mountains.

Sunrise at Port Townsend with the Olympic Mountains in the background.

A family of river otters delighted me by briefly hanging out at the nearby pier and making eye contact with me. They were successfully catching small fish for breakfast.

Curious river otter.

We spent the rest of the day on the Glacier Spirit from Puget Sound Express searching for wildlife on the way to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island and back. We saw resident orcas on the way to Friday Harbor and transient orcas on the return trip. The captain of the boat said it was the first time she saw transients and residents in the same day in two years. We had the best view in town while lunching at Downriggers. The weather, view, and food could not have been more perfect. September in Washington state can not be beat.

View from our table at Downrigger’s restaurant in Friday Harbor.

A favorite sighting on the way back was a Pacific Lion’s Mane jellyfish.

Pacific Lion’s Mane jellyfish (Cyanea ferruginea).

After the seagulls woke us up on our final morning, it took me a long time to get myself out of the hotel room to catch the sunrise. I had trouble getting my contacts in and I find them to work better for me than glasses when wearing a mask and using the camera or binoculars. My glasses fog up easily, so it was worth the struggle to get the contacts in. I was bummed that we probably missed the sun coming up but we came outside to a foggy morning so we did not miss anything. After taking some pictures in the fog, we headed to a coffee place and encountered several deer along the way.

Deer in downtown Port Townsend.

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  1. Aaaaah! Beautiful pictures ,as always,Linda! Dennis and I LOVED Washington state that time of year, too! Enjoy birthday girl!😘


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