Being a Seattle Tourist

Seattle Aquarium

Today I took advantage of staying in Seattle and did local tourist stuff. I got a ticket to the Seattle Aquarium for when they opened and I was the first in line. They now have timed tickets. The last time I was at the aquarium it was so crowded I had a hard time seeing the exhibits. Today I got to see everything. I spent time with the giant octopus. He stayed splayed against the side of the tank, so I did not get to see him in motion. Nevertheless, it was fascinating to see how flat he could make himself against the side of the tank. With the reflections on the tanks, most of the pictures did not come out well. I include a few below from some of the other exhibits that I took with a cell phone.

After visiting the museum, I walked to the Seattle Center which includes the space needle and the Chihuly Garden and Glass among other options. I visited the glass exhibits in the Chihuly Garden and Glass and was mesmerized by the beauty of the glass pieces. I worked it to get some decent photos and a few favorites are below.

I then went up in the space needle. The views were beautiful and I include one from the elevator ride up.

I was hoping to take the monorail back to the Westlake light rail station to head back to where we are staying in Columbia City. The light rail was under repair, so I had to walk. By the time I got back home, I had walked over 16,500 steps.

I have been watching the squirrels gathering nuts where we are staying and tried to get some pictures yesterday. If I am in the yard, they are wary and stay hidden in the trees. To get a picture of them in their regular routine, I had to photograph from the window.

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