Spoonies and a Frog

After our wonderful trip to Seattle, we arrived back home in Florida to hot and muggy weather. I saw 12 roseate spoonbills in our local pond one day after our arrival and I was in a hurry and asked Regis if he would get some pictures. He was willing. Yeah! I have not seen this many spoonies in the local ponds in the 2 1/2 years that we have been here. They did not stay long. Most of the birds were adults but there was at least one juvenile. There were no banded birds.

Roseate spoonbills.

I loved this picture of a great egret in the middle of the spoonies.

Great egret.

Regis also got a nice picture of a wood stork. They have been arriving in increasing numbers lately.

Wood stork.

The little frogs have been showing up more often and I tried to get a picture of one of the tree frogs on our lanai this morning. The little guy was very patient while I worked through camera settings with the flash and the frog finally said “I’ve had enough” and started to walk away. I took one last picture of the frog’s departure and left it alone.

Tree frog.
Tree frog.

While I was in Seattle recently, I walked long distances on non-flat terrain and had no issues. Yesterday, I went to the grocery store to get a flu shot and pick up some stuff and when I got out to the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, the battery was dead. I knew Regis was in the Tesla at that time and texted and called and he did not respond. I needed a jump start and had no cables and the local Racetrak had only food. We use our phones to activate the Tesla, so I did not understand why Regis was not responding. I grabbed my groceries and headed home on the 4 mile walk in the excruciating heat and humidity. After being in Washington state, it was a cruel mess.

Eventually, Regis drove by and wondered what the heck I was doing walking home. He had already packed the car to take his mom back to Pittsburgh and she was in the car with him. There was no room for me. I told Regis the Jeep was dead and waited for him to go home and drop his mom off and come back. The total walk I did in the heat and humidity on flat elevation was only 2 miles, but I would trade it any day for 4 miles in Seattle with varying elevation. It turns out that Regis still had his phone in airplane mode because of our recent trip.

I got a new battery for the Jeep today and I hope all will be well moving forward.

One Comment on “Spoonies and a Frog

  1. Oh ,my you certainly have gotten your exercise in recently!….I hope you had some water!…. The Florida heat and humidity gets to me, too!

    Hey,Make sure that stork doesn’t drop any babies off at my house,okay?


    Liked by 1 person

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