Owl and Hawk

Regis recently won a yellow ribbon in the 2021 3rd Triannual digital competition with the Florida Camera Council for the above photograph of a great-horned owl.

Yesterday, he went to the beach to get pelican photos. Here’s the thing. You often do not get what you want, you get what is there. He got some cool red-shouldered hawk pics.

We have been hearing a pair of great-horned owls hooting in our area regularly. The picture Regis got is one of them.

Regis and I either bike or walk regularly on our street and we have seen Topaz, our released blue jay, regularly. I saw the bird again today. We released the bird in May 2020 and the bird is thriving in our area. It is always a pleasure to see it. It used to come near to us and display begging wings, but now it makes noise and passes by when we are near it but does not stay. It is heartening to know that we successfully raised this little guy even though we are not blue jays.

3 Comments on “Owl and Hawk

  1. That is SO sweet about the blue jay!….I bet it makes your heart melt every time he says hello!

    When we lived in Palencia near the boardwalk….we had owls hanging around all the time… It really was neat hearing them calling each other at 3 a.m. Seriously, where can you live and get to hear that magnificent sound!


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