Festus, the Raccoon

Festus, our local injured raccoon.

I recently reinstalled our bird feeders and they have a squirrel/raccoon baffle to prevent the mammals from getting to the feeder. The birds knock seed on the ground while feeding, so the squirrels and other critters regularly check to see if there is anything to eat. About a week ago, I saw an injured raccoon show up. The raccoon would not use one of its hind legs and it was very thin. I have seen it show up regularly to check under the feeder and it has been using its leg more. It also appears to be adding some weight. I was seeking a name for it and Regis landed on Festus because he was a character in Gunsmoke who Regis remembers had a limp. Anyway, this little raccoon is now Festus.

I let Dart out tonight to lay on the patio because it has been getting cooler in the evenings. He feels his job is to keep all non-feathered critters, with the exception of crows, out of the yard. He does a good job. This evening we looked out and could not find him. Regis realized he was outside the fence. I apparently left the back gate ajar. Dart had treed Festus. Since Festus is still recovering from its injury, it does not need to be stuck up in a tree but the little raccoon had no choice. Eventually, Festus gave up coming back down and decided to take a nap.

Festus taking a nap high up in the pine tree.

We had another unusually high tide today and got some video from behind our house.

I walk regularly on our street and bird most of the time and log my sightings into eBird under Isle of Palencia. I saw a lot more palm warblers than usual today. I also enjoyed watching one of our dog neighbors who loves to drink out of the sprinklers. The dog must stop by every active sprinkler and take a drink. It is delightful to watch this happy pooch.

A neighbor dog enjoying a refreshment from the sprinkler.

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