Injured Momma Raccoon

I recently reinstalled our bird feeder with a squirrel/raccoon baffle. We live on the marsh and the local raccoons visit the marsh at the appropriate times according to the tide to get food. With our bird feeder reinstalled, they now take a look under the feeder on their travels to see if their is anything on the ground to eat.

There is a momma raccoon with three babies that we have seen occasionally. Momma is wary and does not hang around if there is movement nearby. I got a video of her and three babies the other day through the window with a screen. I noticed she has an injured back (left ) leg.

Since this video, I have seen momma and her young once and there were only the two older young with her. Perhaps the smallest one was in the vegetation. I do not know but I am keeping watch to see if I can see all three babies. It is a tough life out there for the raccoons. We see injured raccoons regularly. Sometimes we see them again after the worst of their injuries and sometimes we do not. We still see Festus occasionally and that raccoon did not seem to be in good shape when we first saw it with its injuries.

In the meantime, Regis and I have been taking some time to photograph. Life circumstances have limited our ability to photograph as much as we desire, so we have been taking advantage of some recent freedom to do so. Here are a few pics.

Great egret with a fish.
A cloudless sulphur caterpillar.
A brown pelican skimming the waves.
Seed pods from a native coral bean plant.

Regis and I are canon photographers. We almost exclusively use canon bodies and lenses. There are many great cameras and lenses out there, but we stick with what has worked for us. I recently purchased a Canon R5 mirrorless camera and after a few days using it, I am smitten. I still have to get used to it, but the photo above with the caterpillar was taken with the new camera.

2 Comments on “Injured Momma Raccoon

  1. The Canon R5 is a keeper Burek family! I LOVE RACCOONS…..SO cute!…..I remember watching all those “Wonderful World of Disney” animal shows!….I wish they would show all those again!…..Kids would LOVE them!


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