Bluebirds, etc.

We regularly have bluebirds, but we have had more of them recently. We have also had more brown-headed nuthatches than usual. I regularly bird on our street and I am seeing more variety and numbers of birds than recently. The seasons are changing and the birds show it. Yesterday, I saw 95 wood storks at two of our local ponds.

Regis has gotten some particularly nice pictures in the backyard lately of the bluebirds, nuthatches, and pine warblers that are regularly showing up to eat the bark butter bits in the feeders.

Regis noticed some brown-headed and nuthatches having a tussle over a hole in a dead branch. The picture below shows two nuthatches near the hole.

Brown-headed nuthatches.
Eastern bluebird.
Brown-headed nuthatch. They sound like squeaky toys.
Male pine warbler.
Female pine warbler.
Brown-headed nuthatch.
Yellow-rumped warbler.
Eastern bluebird.

2 Comments on “Bluebirds, etc.

  1. How beautiful they all are!! Thank you for sharing these and for all you do. Does a heart good. Your photos bring tears to my eyes..


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