Month: November 2021

Interesting Couple of Wildlife Days

We have been out and about with our cameras the last couple days and have found some interesting wildlife pictures. I want to start with a picture of my favorite blue jay. I raised this little one as a volunteer with the Ark Wildlife… Continue Reading “Interesting Couple of Wildlife Days”

Sanderlings Fighting

We recently came upon some sanderlings fighting at Fort Matanzas National Monument. For such little birds, it was interesting to see such brutal fighting.

Pelican Landing

I wanted to share the grace and beauty of a pelican landing. Regis took the pictures. Oh wait, no, that was not a landing. That is what pilots call a touch and go.

Wicked Waves

This has been a rough month for the coast in northeast Florida. Early in the month we had a nor’easter that coincided with a high tide. After the nor’easter, we have had relentless wind from the northeast that continues to batter the coast. We… Continue Reading “Wicked Waves”

New Camera and Lens

I recently got a mirrorless Canon R5 and yesterday got my 100-500 lens to go with it. Today, I tried them out and I am excited about the possibilities. I am happy with my images today and love the lighter camera and lens. There… Continue Reading “New Camera and Lens”

Corn Snake

We have had high tides lately accompanied by bad weather. This has had a significant impact on the wildlife. Yesterday I went to our local boardwalk over the marsh to capture some pictures of the amazing high tide and found a small rat/mouse nearly… Continue Reading “Corn Snake”

Favorite Clapper Rail

I was at the Palencia Boardwalk again this morning for sunrise pictures. I love being at the marsh at sunrise. The flat landscape makes the sky appear more dramatic and sometimes the colors can be unbelievable. As the sun comes up, the birds start… Continue Reading “Favorite Clapper Rail”