Favorite Clapper Rail

Clapper rail.

I was at the Palencia Boardwalk again this morning for sunrise pictures. I love being at the marsh at sunrise. The flat landscape makes the sky appear more dramatic and sometimes the colors can be unbelievable. As the sun comes up, the birds start to move around and it is restful to be among nature and the wildlife. By the time the sun rises and the landscape shots are not as colorful, I can switch over to my long lens for wildlife pictures. There is a particular spot along the boardwalk where I regularly see a clapper rail and it allows me to take pictures of it. It usually hangs out in the grasses, so I struggle to get a shot while focusing on the bird instead of the grass and not getting a piece of grass in front of its eye. I’m naming the bird Kokomo for no particular reason other than it is becoming so familiar it needs a name.

Sunrise over the saltwater marsh. Today was a purple day.

By the time the sun was up, the sky was completely overcast, and everything was washed out and gray. I found this little blue heron standing in the water and attempted a high key photo by brightening the colors and getting a predominately white, instead of gray, background.

Little blue heron.

Here are some ruddy turnstones and least sandpipers feeding on the pier.

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