Corn Snake

We have had high tides lately accompanied by bad weather. This has had a significant impact on the wildlife. Yesterday I went to our local boardwalk over the marsh to capture some pictures of the amazing high tide and found a small rat/mouse nearly dead in the wrack on the boardwalk. I saw another one in the wrack floating on the water. I could not help that little guy, but I picked up the one on the boardwalk and put it in my pocket. There is a wonderful family on my street that was willing to take that little guy in until it recovered and was safe to release it.

Today, the tide was higher than yesterday. It was not supposed to be higher by much but it seemed much higher today. It may be a result of the relentless winds. The winds can stop the tide from making its way up river and stop the water. It has no place to go and spreads out. This was the most water we have seen since we moved into this house nearly 3 years ago.

I went back out to the boardwalk today to capture some pictures. I waited until the rain relented and it was a little after the highest of the tide. Lots of birds were feeding in the wrack off the boardwalk and I hated to disturb them as I made my way across the boardwalk. I eventually came upon this corn snake trying to warm up in the sand of one of the little islands. I think it has had a rough couple days and did not move even when I worked my way around it to go forward. I did my best to not disturb it. It was an incredibly beautiful snake.

Following are some pictures of the high water. It may be most meaningful to locals who know that it does not usually look like this.

3 Comments on “Corn Snake

  1. Wow!….THAT IS HIGH! I have never seen it like that except for hurricanes that had come through when Dennis and I lived on Hickory Hill Dr. We LOVED walking the boardwalk when we lived there!



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