New Camera and Lens

I recently got a mirrorless Canon R5 and yesterday got my 100-500 lens to go with it. Today, I tried them out and I am excited about the possibilities. I am happy with my images today and love the lighter camera and lens. There is no going back! I’m keeping my Canon 5D Mark IV body and lenses as backup and when I want to carry a landscape and long lens and not have to swap. The new lens is tack sharp. I’m providing images from my first photo ops with the new setup.

But first, for those who follow these posts regularly, you may remember that I saved a rat/mouse recently during the incredible high tide and nor’easter. It was a hispud cotton rat, native to the area and I successfully released it today.

Eastern bluebird
Red-winged blackbird
Red-winged blackbird
Carolina chickadee
Brown-headed nuthatch
Red-winged blackbird
Pine warbler
Common ground dove
Mourning dove
Red-bellied woodpecker
Least sandpiper

4 Comments on “New Camera and Lens

  1. Beautiful! Your pictures bring out the essence of the species. I love seeing your posts. Love seeing the skies, clouds, landscapes.

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  2. I am really impressed with the results from your new mirrorless camera and lens. My photography teacher at UNF had recommended it.


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