Wicked Waves

This has been a rough month for the coast in northeast Florida. Early in the month we had a nor’easter that coincided with a high tide. After the nor’easter, we have had relentless wind from the northeast that continues to batter the coast. We have some videos and pictures. If you like watching the ocean in a wicked state, watch them. Our last blog post showed some pictures during the high tide early this month that coincided with a nor’easter. The pictures in this post show the regular high tide, which is 1.5 feet less than the peak earlier this month.

St. Augustine Beach Pier during a regular high tide.
Anastasia State Park at high tide on November 24, 2021.
South Ponte Vedra beach after the nor’easter came through.
South Ponte Vedra Beach after the nor’easter came through.

One Comment on “Wicked Waves

  1. Mother Nature sure does like to redecorate her shoreline to her liking! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Regis, Linda! Love,Joy💖


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