Interesting Couple of Wildlife Days

We have been out and about with our cameras the last couple days and have found some interesting wildlife pictures. I want to start with a picture of my favorite blue jay. I raised this little one as a volunteer with the Ark Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation and when I see “Topaz” on a walk I am thrilled. The bird does not usually stay still long enough for photos, but I got one yesterday.

Today I saw a snake on our driveway, which was a North American racer. I suspect I was able to get pictures since it was chilly.

When I came home today after a walk on the Palencia boardwalk, I heard a scattering of birds in the backyard. I checked to see a red-shouldered hawk hanging out.

While kayaking on the Guana River yesterday, Regis captured this image of me attempting to photograph wildlife while a brown pelican flew right by.

While at Fort Matanzas National Monument we saw this beautiful reddish egret. It was hanging around the fishermen for good reason. It snagged some bait.

While at the Matanzas inlet, we saw the dolphins circling to gather fish. The brown pelicans flew to where the dolphins where circling.

One Comment on “Interesting Couple of Wildlife Days

  1. THESE ARE AMAZING!….Cute shot with the pelican flying by you! Hi Topaz! He is like a teenager coming home from college now and then to visit Mom.😂



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