Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, Finally

Eastern diamondback rattlesnake at the GTM NERR.

We have been in Florida for six years and the place is full of snakes. Yet, we have never seen an eastern diamondback rattlesnake. Regis was at the Guana-Tomoto-Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve (GTM NERR) today and was looking to photograph a spider and its web that he did not get in focus last time. I love the photo, but it is a tad blurry. While there, he saw an armadillo and was photographing it as it did its armadillo thing rummaging through the vegetation and dirt for grubs and other delicious fare. As Regis was stepping over a branch, he spied a rattlesnake on the other side. After he snapped the first picture, the snake was not pleased and rattled to show its discontent. Regis managed to get himself out of the situation, but I think he spent too much time getting a picture first.

Spider that is not tack sharp. Regis was attempting a redo.
Eastern diamondback rattlesnake at the GTM NERR rattling.
Nine-banded armadillo at the GTM NERR.
Nine-banded armadillo at the GTM NERR snuffling around the tripod Regis left on the ground.

In the meantime, I was photographing safer wildlife.

Tricolored heron.
Least sandpiper. Note the yellow legs.
Least sandpiper.

I was at the Palencia Boardwalk and there were a few ruddy turnstones on the pier. As I stood taking pictures, one came so close I could barely focus with my long lens. Head shot.

Ruddy turnstone.

As I was leaving the Palencia Boardwalk, I found this squirrel eating a mushroom.

Squirrel eating a mushroom.

Lastly, there was fog over the Tolomato River this morning. This is one of my morning shots.

A bit of morning fog at daybreak over the salt marsh.

Lastly, for the locals. I will be selling photographs and notecards at the Bougie Market at First Look the Artisans Market at 162 San Marco Ave., in St. Augustine from 10-2 on December 12. There will be cookies and music and cool stuff from local artisans.

5 Comments on “Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, Finally

  1. Dennis and I saw 3-4 of these snakes while we lived at 145 Hickory Hill Dr. in Palencia a stone’s throw from the entrance to the boardwalk….in fact a neighbor’s Doberman’s were both at the same time bitten by one….They were rushed to the Vet and they did survive the bite. Beautiful but deadly!



    • I’m glad to hear the dogs survived. If you keep your eyes open and do not mess with the snakes, everything will be fine. That have no more interest in tangling with you than you do with them. Certain dogs can get themselves in trouble by getting too close after being warned. When I was in Costa Rica, I was told the local dogs knew how to deal with snakes and never got bit.


  2. Omg. I probably would have had another heart attack if I had stumbled on the rattlesnake. Great pictures you both took.

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