Basic Guide to Birds Found Near Water in St. Augustine

I recently published a basic guide to birds found near water in St. Augustine which is available through Barnes and Noble. Following is the overview for the book.

“Are you interested in quickly identifying birds that can be found near the water in the St. Augustine area but do not want to access a thick and comprehensive bird guide? Then, this guide is for you. With 339 species of birds observed in St. Johns County in which St. Augustine is located, it can be overwhelming. The purpose of this guide is to introduce some of the common bird species found near the water and identify some public places where they can reliably be seen. It includes with over 70 color photos.”

I had a lot of fun writing this book and even more fun taking all the photos. Regis took many of the photos and Karen Mitchell put her heart and soul into editing the book. This kind of book would have been helpful to me when I first moved to Florida. I ordered a box of books for anyone wishing to purchase local to me. They are scheduled to be shipped December 13.

Purchase at this link.

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