Yellow-rumped Warbler

Yellow-rumped warbler perched on a branch. You can barely see the yellow feathers on its rump between its wings.

We get a lot of yellow-rumped warblers in the St. Augustine area in the winter. They flit about in the bushes and are hard to see but you can hear their constant “chit chit”. The sound is similar to a cardinal, but in winter in this area, you can be sure most of them are yellow-rumped warblers. They have a yellow patch of feathers on their rump, just above the tail. They are affectionally called “butter butts”. If you live in the St. Augustine area, they are likely all around you and you don’t realize it. It is hard to get a good view with them flitting about. It is their “chit chits” that let you know they are there.

When they are still, which is not often, you may not be able to see their distinctive yellow rump feathers. In flight, look for a flash of yellow on the rump and you will know you have seen a yellow-rumped warbler.

Yellow-rumped warbler with a small yellow patch near its wing.
Yellow-rumped warbler.
Yellow-rumped warbler. Note the small patch of yellow at the base of its tail between its wings.

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