Pine Warbler

Female pine warbler.

Pine warblers are in the St. Augustine area year-round, but in the winter the numbers swell with the migrants from the north. Pine warblers are aptly named since they spend most of their time in the tops of pine trees eating insects and seeds. They are often hard to see among the pine needles. I find them by hearing the trill that the males make. Click on the sound button the All About Birds page on pine warblers.

The birds have a broken eye-ring and white wing bars. Males are bright yellow, while females are duller in color. Immature birds lack yellow coloring. We attract pine warblers to our yard by offering shelled sunflower seeds, bark butter bits, water, and occasionally mealworms.

Female pine warbler.
Female pine warbler.
Male pine warbler.
Immature pine warbler.
Male pine warbler.
Immature pine warbler eating a shelled sunflower seed.
Male pine warbler eating a mealworm.

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