A Crow of a Different Color

American crow.

I am spending some time in Seattle and recently went to the shores of Lake Washington to seek out a light-colored crow my son saw several months ago. I found the crow immediately where he had seen it. The crow is light brown with some whitish feathers in its wings and tail. Compare that to the usual black color of a crow.

American crow.
American crow.

Seattle has had more rain than usual recently and I forgot my rain jacket, so I was not able to spend much time outside initially. I eventually went to Cabela’s and bought a rain jacket making it possible to seek out this interesting crow and wander through Seward Park. It was foggy and hard to photograph but there was enough of a break in the weather at the end of my loop through the park that I was able to get the following picture of Mt. Rainier.

Mt. Rainier and Lake Washington.

I went back the next day when the weather was drier and my favorite photographs were these house finches eating seeds.

House finch.
House finch.
House finch.

I saw numerous grebes, gulls, cormorants, coots, mallards, and hummingbirds. I am not used to seeing hummingbirds in winter.

A ring-billed gull on Lake Washington.
Anna’s hummingbird.

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