Month: February 2022

Robins and Cedar Waxwings

Around this time of year, the robins and cedar waxwings arrive together to eat any berries they can find on the local vegetation. I have taken my best cedar waxwing photos around this time of year. Regis managed to take some nice pictures of… Continue Reading “Robins and Cedar Waxwings”


We will soon be leaving our current home in St. Augustine, Florida to go to the Pacific Northwest. We have a lot of wildlife here, including an opossum who visits regularly. We have not been able to get a good picture of this little… Continue Reading “Opossum”

Black Skimmers

During a recent stay at the beach, Regis found a shorebird hangout including lots of black skimmers and Forster’s terns. He was able to get a few shots of a black skimmer “skimming” the water and successfully catching a small fish. The lower bill… Continue Reading “Black Skimmers”

Peregrine Falcon and Magnificent Frigatebird

While staying in a rental on the beach recently, we saw a Magnicificent Frigatebird which was a life bird for me and a perergrine falcon. The falcon was actively pursuing the local birds. We did not witness a successful catch. While watching the frigatebird… Continue Reading “Peregrine Falcon and Magnificent Frigatebird”

Forster’s Terns

We recently stayed in a beach house in Summerhaven, Florida. We were smack dab on the beach. We noticed a lot of activity with Forster’s terns fishing during certain times of the tide. The tide couldn’t be too high or too low for them… Continue Reading “Forster’s Terns”

Recent Stay on the Beach

We are actively selling our house after having managed to get a contract on a house in Bremerton, Washington. The house listed last Thursday and there were open houses on Saturday and Sunday. With all the interest, we decided to get a place to… Continue Reading “Recent Stay on the Beach”

White Pelicans on a Local Pond

We have lived on our street on the salt marsh for three years and have seen white pelicans on the Tolomato River and flying overhead, but have not seen them on our local retention ponds. Recently, we saw them on the retention ponds actively… Continue Reading “White Pelicans on a Local Pond”