Recent Stay on the Beach

Linda walking along the beach next to the road access to the houses.

We are actively selling our house after having managed to get a contract on a house in Bremerton, Washington. The house listed last Thursday and there were open houses on Saturday and Sunday. With all the interest, we decided to get a place to stay over the weekend. I work in the First Look Artisans Market on Saturday afternoon, so we couldn’t go far. I found a pet friendly beach rental in Summerhaven that requires four-wheel drive for access. Sounded cool!

We arrived on Thursday to beautiful weather which kept up through Friday. I had to take Dart out twice Friday night, carrying him down the steps, and it was warm. When we woke up on Saturday morning it was cold. The weather deteriorated. It was cool in its own way, but not as much wildlife and we could not sit out on the deck to enjoy the weather. We were grateful for the two beautiful days.

This particular stretch of coast has interesting history with abundant storms altering the landscape. At one time, the houses were accessible on an asphalt road, but no more. You must drive on the beach to get to the houses. Some of the houses along our stretch were no longer habitable. It was very cool to be so close to the ocean, but I was glad to not own the house. It is a matter of time before it gets washed away.

Shorebirds in the foreground, battered houses in the background.
Beautiful sunset from our beach house. We got to see sunrise over the ocean and sunset over the intracoastal waterway.

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