White Pelicans on a Local Pond

American white pelicans fishing with a wood stork on the left.

We have lived on our street on the salt marsh for three years and have seen white pelicans on the Tolomato River and flying overhead, but have not seen them on our local retention ponds. Recently, we saw them on the retention ponds actively fishing. They fish by swimming on the water and dipping their bills in to scoop up fish. This particular pond is saltier than the other three ponds on our street and has mullet in it. The mullet regularly leap out of the water, so the pond has acquired the name “Jumping Fish Pond.”

American white pelicans.
Bedraggled wood storks. They regularly hang around a few of our retention ponds. They usually look better than this.
Sunrise over the Tolomato River and salt marsh behind our house. Regis stood on our patio to take this picture through the trees. Between the astonishing sunrises and abundant wildlife, it is hard to say which is the best feature in our current home.

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