Robins and Cedar Waxwings


Around this time of year, the robins and cedar waxwings arrive together to eat any berries they can find on the local vegetation. I have taken my best cedar waxwing photos around this time of year. Regis managed to take some nice pictures of the recent robin and cedar waxwing invasion.

Cedar waxwing and robin.
Cedar waxwing.

Raccoons and an opossum have been regularly visiting under our bird feeder to see what is available. I fill the feeder in the morning and the blackbirds, etc. push all the seed onto the ground within an hour or two. I do not know why. This leaves lots of stuff on the ground for the mammals. It makes me wonder if the raccoons have a deal with the blackbirds that causes this behavior.


Dart spends most of his day lying on the patio and watching for the mammals. He does not want them in the yard. The mammals do their best to work around him. They try to defy him and sometimes he is too tired to chase them off. Because they are sometimes successful, they never stop trying. Dart is going to love the weather in Washington state when we move, but he is going to miss the activity with the wildlife.

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