Month: March 2022

Olympic Mountains

We now live in Bremerton, Washington and when the skies are clear enough, we get impressive views of the snow-covered Olympic Mountains. As we drive down the road, we will make a turn and get the most amazing view. We can see one of… Continue Reading “Olympic Mountains”

Cross country summary

I have been on several long trips with the Tesla, but they have all been in populated areas and warm temps. This trip was different, cross multiple time zones, varying altitudes, varying population densities, varying weather with potentially freezing conditions. For this trip we… Continue Reading “Cross country summary”


We left Mountain Home, Idaho at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. It is about 40 miles southeast of Boise. We wanted to make as much progress as we could but were very concerned about some weather coming into the Pacific Northwest. We thought we… Continue Reading “Snow”


We are in Mountain Home, Idaho. We covered a lot of miles the last two days. There was little traffic, the interstates were in good shape, and we did not have to go far off the interstate to charge. Our hotel window in Mountain… Continue Reading “Trucks”

A Wild and Wicked Wind

It was crazy windy today. It impacted the gas consumption in the Jeep, which was probably worse because of the kayaks. The Tesla drained battery fast with the cold temperatures and wind. Regis continued to let me break the wind for him, like the… Continue Reading “A Wild and Wicked Wind”

A Matter of Degrees

It’s been exciting learning how the Tesla handles cold temperatures. I have driven several (6) long trips of about 1000 miles each with the Tesla and only on the first trip did I freak out about getting to a charging station. Yesterday (Saturday) we… Continue Reading “A Matter of Degrees”

Walkie Talkies and Ice Scrapers

Light snow and ice came through Kuttawa, Kentucky last night. Dart got up at 3:30 a.m. I nearly froze while waiting for him. When I got back to the room, I jumped under the covers to warm up and Regis suggested we get started… Continue Reading “Walkie Talkies and Ice Scrapers”

Dry Ice

In Regis’ infinite wisdom, he decided to get dry ice for our cooler. Since we have primarily traveled with a motorhome over the last many years, we only needed a cooler for day trips. Regis did not want the water from the melted ice… Continue Reading “Dry Ice”

Cross Country in a Jeep and a Tesla

We recently purchased a home in Washington State and sold our beautiful home in St. Augustine. We signed the papers yesterday, the movers picked up our stuff, our outstanding realtor team of Maureen Nightingale and Nancy Daniels gave us a bunch of goodies for… Continue Reading “Cross Country in a Jeep and a Tesla”


This is a story with no pictures. I recently departed from the Orlando airport to visit Seattle for about a week. I will return to Florida next week in time for the movers to arrive and Regis, Dart, and I will take our two… Continue Reading “Phone”