This is a story with no pictures. I recently departed from the Orlando airport to visit Seattle for about a week. I will return to Florida next week in time for the movers to arrive and Regis, Dart, and I will take our two cars to Washington State in hopes of beating the movers.

I spent the night in a hotel near the Orlando airport since I live over two hours away. I left out of Orlando instead of Jacksonville because I was able to get on a direct flight. My last couple flights to Seattle from Jacksonville with a stopover left me in no mood to do that again.

The navigation system in our Jeep is almost useless. If the Jeep accurately knows our location, which is not always the case, the maps are too old to give us a good route to our destination. It is not worth paying the gazillion dollars to upgrade since the Jeep often doesn’t know where we are. What use is upgraded maps if the Jeep doesn’t have its bearings? I use my phone instead. When I left the hotel for the airport, I entered the destination in the phone and placed it in the console. Shortly, I realized I never pressed “start” for the directions but was able to get to the airport myself. There are several terminals at the Orlando airport and you must park in the appropriate lot for your terminal. That was my first problem. I eventually got to the correct lot and made my way to the airport. Check-in wasn’t too bad, but security took a while. After security, you have to take a train to your terminal. After I got to the terminal, I went to Starbucks to get a much-needed cappuccino and pick up something to eat for the long flight. The line was excruciatingly long, but I had enough time at this point to deal with it. After getting my beverage and lunch and arriving at the gate, I proceeded to make a promised phone call. At that point, I realized I did not have my phone. Ouch!

I tried to think of every place I had been and proceeded back to security, which required a train ride back. Before stepping on the train, it hit me that I probably left the phone in the car. Hopefully, it was that and I didn’t lose it. I checked my watch and there was not enough time to go back to the car, retrieve it, and get to the gate in time.

I pulled out my laptop to send emails to people, like my ride at the other end, to let them know the situation. Despite all my efforts, I was unable to get my laptop to successfully access the airports WiFi. I flew on Alaska airlines and bought WiFi access when I got on the plane. After much trouble, I finally got an email message sent but it didn’t appear that it went. I could not see it in my sent folder or outbox. I rebooted the laptop, went back into Outlook and saw a message from my son responding to my email. I still did not have evidence that the message was sent, but good news since he was my ride at the other end. He knew to monitor my flight and figure out when to pick me up without me communicating with him. There are no pay phones anymore.

In the meantime, I tried to access certain things on my laptop and since I had not used it in a while, some locations wanted to send a text verification. To a phone I do not have. So, I could not log in.

It gets worse over the next few days. I went to a local T-mobile and used one of my son’s older phones and got a new sim card and a pre-paid plan, so I had a phone for a week. But, this is not my normal number. I have continued to bump into problems where locations want to send messages to my phone and I don’t have it.

For example, after I checked out my new house that I have never seen, I went to the local Costco to get a membership and they convinced me to get a Costco credit card. It sounded okay to me and I was approved. Before they would give me a temporary card to use that day, the credit card company wanted to send me a text message with a code. I gave my real phone number, not my “burn” phone number. So, I tried to change the number. No dice. It probably took 20 minutes to work through this problem so I could proceed to buy some stuff to get the house set up at the Washington end.

Then, I tried to do a mail hold at the new address because I am flying back to Florida to drive out here and no one will be at the house for most of March. I have an account with USPS and proceeded to do the hold. The phone number problem halted me in my tracks. I couldn’t do it. I was successful after calling the 800 number and spending time working through the phone tree and talking to the robot to eventually get a mail hold set up.

With me using my laptop which I do not often use, many sites want to verify me with a code to my phone. If that happens, I can’t get into the site. Some sites give me the option of email, but not all. I never had a full appreciation for what happens when you don’t have your phone with you.

After I successfully contacted Regis about my phone, he was able to go online and locate it in a parking lot at the airport and lock it. It appears that I am correct that the phone is in my car. I certainly hope so. Which means, I do not need to procure another phone and only need a temporary solution. Therein the problem lies. This is not a situation that many companies accommodate. I would have recovered better if I got a new phone with my number and moved forward. Since I only need to get through a little over a week, I did not want to purchase a new phone.

Two factor authentication, without secondary options sucks!

3 Comments on “Phone

  1. This should be posted in every newspaper in the U.S.
    Our technology wizards should have it framed and mounted in front of them. It should be required reading
    in colleges that teach our young.
    The answer is not “Don’t lose your phone” but “Make IT easier to use”.

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  2. OMG. what a nightmare. Now i know why you never responded to my text!!!  Wishing you better luck!!  Terrie 

    Sent from the all new AOL app for iOS


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