Cross Country in a Jeep and a Tesla

The Telsla at the charging station in Georgia. The back of the convenience store is in the background.

We recently purchased a home in Washington State and sold our beautiful home in St. Augustine. We signed the papers yesterday, the movers picked up our stuff, our outstanding realtor team of Maureen Nightingale and Nancy Daniels gave us a bunch of goodies for the trip, and we headed west this morning. We tentatively have the trip scheduled for 10 days but will likely reduce that if weather, traffic, the cars, and the dog allow. I am driving the Jeep with Dart in the back and two kayaks on top. Regis is driving the Tesla.

We have had numerous people share a concern about long distance traveling in an electric vehicle, so we will talk about that in the posts on this trip. We left from St. Augustine, Florida and our first stop to charge the Tesla was near Valdosta, Georgia. It also had a gas station and a convenience store. I topped off the tank in the Jeep and Regis picked up a much-needed frosted cherry pop tart. We hung out by the swamp while waiting for the Tesla to finish charging which took about 20 minutes.

The Jeep with the kayaks on top.

Regis indicated we would stop in Macon, Georgia for the next charge. I did not pay enough attention to how far away that was and bypassed a rest stop around 11:30 thinking we could eat while the car was charging. Eons later and much hungrier, we arrived at the Macon Tesla charging facility. This time there was no gas station, but there was a Panera Bread nearby. We had food in our cooler and I sat on the curb between charging stations with Dart and we ate our lunch. Well, I did. Dart was too unhappy to eat. Without a picnic table, I should have saved the food in the cooler for another day and bought food at Panera Break. Although we could have gone to Panera Bread to use the facilities, we chose to wait since we only had 87 miles to go. We both regretted that.

Eating lunch at a Tesla charging station.

We made good time until we were 40 miles away from our hotel in Atlanta. The traffic was terrible and we slowly made our way. By the time we got to the pet friendly Westin hotel, Regis and I were having a hard time holding it. I do not know what I was thinking when I made the reservation in a downtown hotel. There is a charging station nearby, but it is downtown and we have a dog with us. The hotel has an underground garage with a low ceiling. With the two kayaks on top of the car, I could not fit. The nearest outdoor parking lot has signs indicating you can’t park there unless you are using that shopping center. There is a roving security guard making sure you understand. He was unable to give us advice, so Regis parked the Tesla in the garage to go to the hotel while I called BringFido through whom I made the reservations. Regis and BringFido both determined that I could park in valet. The roof was higher.

Dart was unhappy yesterday while the movers took everything from the house. Since we slept on a blow-up mattress last night, there was no room for him and he had to sleep in his own bed. He got up multiple times at night. I thought he was sleeping during the entire drive today, but that may not have been the case. He was clearly unhappy as we went in the elevator to the 9th floor of the hotel. But, he was hungry enough now that he ate something. Regis put him up on the bed and he fell sound asleep. He barely moved. We thought he was dead. When he woke up, he was a cheered up fellow and is taking it all in much better. I get cranky when I’m tired and hungry too.

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